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Luminary is a game about protecting a boat from rocks, whirpools, and monsters. Shine the light on the obstacles to prevent the boat from crashing. The bulbs will eventually run out, so use the light sparingly.

This game was made in 4 days for Sheridan College's Sprint Week 2018.

The theme was alt controllers, meaning we had to create our own controllers.

Our game was judged by Sagan Yee, David Fono, and  Daniele Hopkins as the most Atmospheric game, in the top 10 out of 45 other teams.


Directional controls with arrows 

Space - Switch lightbulb

W - Light on and off

A - Switch to lightbulb A

B - Switch to lightbulb B


Kyle Budge

Shepherd Cameron

Pamela Pyad

Roberto Rosales

Suraj Sirohi


Luminary.zip 44 MB

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